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Sebo Marketing Moves to Provo

After moving into Sebo’s first office in 2005, and after years and years of being settled in Orem Utah, Bruce Rowe decided to stop renting and move the company to Provo Utah. Some of the credit of this move was when his CPA said

Bruce, you’ve been renting too long. You should consider buying a building instead of renting.

After running through the numbers and looking at lots of potential places, Bruce purchased 2 office condo units in the Courtyard at Jamestown Square. The 2 units were combined into 1 unit, and so far, it’s been working out great for Bruce and his team.

We’ve been providing online marketing services to clients throughout the United States and the world since 2005. We’ve enjoyed our time in Orem, but the opportunity presented itself to move to Provo. We’ve been thrilled with our new office, our location, and are excited to continue to offer PPC and SEO services to our clients for years to come. – Bruce Rowe, President of Sebo Marketing

Check out our photo gallery below for some pictures from our office.

Construction Phase

Completed Office

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