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How do you Pronounce “Sebo?”

This is a question our employees get a lot. So, how is “Sebo” pronounced? Here are some ways to help you say it. Try saying them out loud. It will be fun!

Tip #1

Sea boat (minus the “T”) like this – Sea Boat

Tip #2

Have you seen “Go” spelled “Geaux” by the prideful LSU fans (Geaux Tigers!)?

With that in mind, say this out loud – “See-beaux!”

Tip #3

What letter is this: C

Say that letter out loud.

Good job! You are halfway there to pronouncing our name.

Some hunters hunt with a ______ and arrow. (Fill in the blank)

Now combine the two – “C” “Bow”

Congratulations. You have mastered the art of pronouncing “Sebo.”

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